This article covers the Raw Data Export feature within Login Enterprise. Users can export data from Load Tests and Continuous Tests. It allows you to export application and latency measurements in CSV format, particularly useful when bringing two different data sources together. 

Raw Data Export - RawData.zip

The .zip file will be named in the following schema: 

RawData <TEST_NAME> <DATE> <TIME>.zip


This file contains application script execution data. Each time a Virtual User starts an app, an entry is created. This table also lists whether an application execution encountered any errors.


This file contains all measurements captured during the test run. This includes all application response timers that are included in the test configuration.


This file contains CPU and Memory utilization metrics for each user session included in the test run. This information is presented in percentage terms, and is only included as of Login Enterprise 5.3.


This file contains all information regarding the Virtual User accounts who were used during the test run. It includes the Launcher of origin, the target host, and the logon results. 

Load Test Raw Data Export

To export the Raw Data from a Load Test, click the results from within the Load Testing Results table to expand the row entry. From there, click "Generate Raw Data Export" and then "Download Raw Data Export." The RawData.zip is then downloaded locally. 


Continuous Testing Data Export

To export data from your Continuous Tests, navigate to the Continuous Testing Results page and click the Export Data tab.

Next, use the green "+" icon to create a new export.

Use the "From date" and "To date" fields to specify the timeframe for which you'd like to export the data:

Next, select the configuration for which you'd like to export data and click "Export."

Next, press on the folder icon to download a .zip file which contains your data.

This same export can be accomplished using the results' Charts. From the Continuous Test Results page, click "Charts."

Use the drop-down to select the configuration for which you'd like to export data.

Next, click under the chart window on "Export selected data to CSV";

The RawData.zip file will be prepared then downloaded.

The data that you just downloaded is also displayed in the "Export Data" Tab

Example Output

An example of the RawData.zip file that is generated by the Raw Data Export: