Latency Chart and Dashboard

Once you have configured the latency measurements and configured a threshold, you will be able to find the measurements on the dashboard and in the reporting.

The Dashboard

The main dashboard will now show "Latency above threshold" alongside other measurements.

When opening up the environment, there is also a Latency tab that you can interact with.

You are able to open up the latency tab, and see it's activity and measurements over time. This includes the launcher name, threshold and the amount of measurements.

When hovering over the Latency measurement in the Latency popup window a small popup appears with additional information of the exact measurement.


In the reporting section, you will also be able to take a look at the measurements collected. Navigate to the charts section. There is a button to select the latency measurements. This allows you to select the launchers set in the environment and see their respective latency.

The chart functions the same as the applications chart. You will be able to see latency in milliseconds and select the hour/day/week/month and prediction function.