Default Notifications

When configuring continuous testing you can define notifications for the measurements done. This is here to inform you if actions / measurements are not behaving as they should be. There are 4 default notifications:

  • Login Failure
    • This is when a virtual user is unable to log-in to the configured environment (not applicable to "desktop" connector)
  • Login
    • This checks if the login time measured has crossed the configured threshold, if this happens an event is generated, based on configuration this can be emailed.
  • Latency
    • This checks if the latency measured has crossed the configured threshold, if this happens and an event is generated, based on configurations this can be emailed.
  • Application Failure
    • Generates an event when ever an application fails to start. 

Application notifications

Application notifications can be added manually and you can select and define which application / measurement needs to be monitored. The threshold can then manually be entered. Whenever a measurement crosses the defined threshold an event is generated. 


As shown in the screenshot, you can configure to receive an email when a measurement is exceeded a specific number of times, and after a specified number of minutes. 

Email Notifications

To configure email notifications you need to enable the email option in the measurements you want to be kept up-to date with. For the specific configuration click here

The email notifications need to be added at each measurement, to do this you can select the mceclip1.pngicon. You are then presented with two text fields and a switch.


You can define when you want to be emailed, this is been designed to eliminate you being spammed whenever a spike occurs, it gives you a way of deciding when behavior is a fluke or consistent issue. In the example it is stated that when the measurement crosses the defined thresholds more than 5 times in 1 hour it will send an email. 

An email looks a bit like this:


In the title it states which environment and which measurement or application went over the threshold. In the email you can find what threshold it exceeded (that which you have configured). It also states the environment, threshold time measured and the last measurement, with a percentage over threshold remark. 

Global notifications

There are also global notifications that can notify you of scenario's like Accounts that are disabled or Launchers that go offline. To configure these you need to go to the External Notifications section of the Login Enterprise web interface.


When opened you can see the Global Notification settings. Scrolling down you can see the Global notifications settings:


Here you can configure the different settings:

  • Account is disabled - when an user account is used but is unable to become active, and this happens x times within x minutes it will send an email notification which contains the name(s) of the user account(s).
  • Launcher went offline - when a launcher fails to report will be marked as offline, if this happens more than x times within x minutes it will send an email notification which contains the name(s) of the launcher(s).
  • Database connection error - when the database connection fails more than x times within x minutes it will send an email notification. 

Email Cool-down

There is a cool-down after sending each e-mail which makes sure we don’t keep spamming e-mail recipients.

The cool-down is:

  • identical to the timeframe configured. So 60 minutes in the example in the previous image.
  • Minimum 10 minutes
  • Maximum 1 hour