Configuring the Virtual Appliance For the First Time

To configure the Appliance we require the following information:

  • Appliance Hostname
  • Appliance FQDN
  • IP address (Not required if DHCP is used)
  • Netmask (subnet) (Not required if DHCP is used)
  • Gateway address (Not required if DHCP is used)
  • DNS address (Not required if DHCP is used)
  • Search domain (FQDN)
  • Admin username for configuration
  • Admin password for configuration

Once you have powered on the virtual appliance and opened the console in a new window, you will see a welcome message with the following login details:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

1. Please type the default credentials in the login field, then press the Enter key


2. The system will start running and ask you to:

  • enter the preferred hostname, e.g. loginenterprise
  • enter the preferred domain, e.g. demo.lab
  • choose the network configuration mode: DHCP (D) or Static (s)

3. The system will then prompt you for network configuration:

  • If you select Static, you will be prompted to do the following: 
    • provide a new IP address
    • provide the netmask
    • provide the default gateway
    • provide the nameservers
    • provide the DNS search suffix

  • If you select DHCP, this information will be configured automatically.

4. Once the networking configuration has completed, you will be prompted to provide an updated admin username and password. If "admin" is acceptable, simply press enter. Otherwise, you can change this to a desired username. 




The system will update the password and then continue running, and after a short amount of time, it will ask you to log in with the admin username and the password you set previously


5. Once you have logged in, the system will start running the Login VSI daemon and restart the appliance

6. After a few minutes, you will see a welcome message stating that the appliance has been configured along with the following important information for accessing the web interface:

  • IP-based URL


Important: Please create an A host record to access the FQDN URL.

You have successfully configured the Login Enterprise virtual appliance! Next step, accessing the maintenance menu.