License notificaitons

Updating a License


The Login Enterprise virtual appliance requires a valid license for full functionality. The appliance includes a default three-day grace license to expedite time-to-value and evaluations. New virtual user sessions cannot be launched without a license during testing. However, access to previously gathered data remains unrestricted.

Alerts in the top menu section display a notification icon when grace licenses or production licenses are about to expire. Below is an example of such an indication.

Frame 143.png

Please contact your Login VSI Account Manager for assistance or any concerns regarding your licenses.

License notifications

Starting Login Enterprise 5.9, notifications regarding your license status now appear in the top panel of the Test dashboard.

Below are examples of messages indicating a license that is about to expire and a license that has already expired:

  • License about to expire: Your license expires in 3 days. Update your license.

Frame 140.png

  • License already expired: Your grace license expires in 3 days. Update your license.

Frame 141.png

Updating a License

You can import the license, e.g. license.lic at any time during the grace period or after it has expired.

To request a license, contact your sales representative or get in touch with our support at Save the valid license on a drive accessible via the Login Enterprise web console.

To update a License:

1. In the Login enterprise sidebar menu, scroll down and find Other > Licensing.

Frame 142.png

2. In Licensing, click Upload license.

Frame 144 (1).png

3. Select the license, then click Open to import it. Once the license is imported you will see the details of the license.

4. After importing the file, click Save to apply the changes.

The new license information will be available if you go back to the Login Enterprise sidebar menu > Other > Licensing.