Note: Reach out to your Login VSI Account Manager for assistance or concerns relating to your licenses. 

Login Enterprise requires a valid license to fully function. To provide streamlined time-to-value and evaluations, Login Enterprise comes with an out-of-the-box three day grace license. Without a license, tests will not be able to launch any new Virtual User sessions. However, access to previously gathered data is not restricted.

Alerts from the top-menu section displays a notification icon when grace licenses, or production licenses, are about to expire. Below is an example of such an indication.

You can import the license at any point during the grace period or after it has finished. To request a license, please contact your sales rep or our support department, if necessary.

  1. Save the valid license on a drive that is accessible via the Login Enterprise Web Console
  2. Now click on the License Key icon in the web console
  3. This opens the license management screen, click the Browse License buttonmceclip0.png
  4. Select the license, then click the Open button to import it. Once the license is imported you will see the details of the license.
  5. After importing the file, click the Done buttonmceclip1.png
  6. If you click on the License Key icon again, you will see the new license information

Note: Active Login PI 2.x and Login PI 3 license files are compatible with Login Enterprise