Accessing the Web Console

Please note that this application’s web-based user interface is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers, but not Internet Explorer. 

After browsing to the Login Enterprise web interface, you will first see the welcome page, where you must enter the relevant login details. You receive these when setting up the virtual appliance.


Once you have logged in, you'll be presented with the End User License Agreement. If you agree to the EULA, the popup will no longer appear.


When updating your version of Login Enterprise, release notes will be displayed the next time you browse to the Web UI. Selecting "OK" will dismiss the release notes until the next time Login Enterprise is upgraded.


When first logging, the webinterface will also show you an introduction and guidance tour.


After agreeing to the EULA, reviewing the release notes and reviewing the introduction and guidance tour, you will have access to the Login Enterprise Web Console, as shown below.